In Love With Fallen Angels

Somehow a whole month has bled dry before my very eyes. It’s been exhausting and emotional; And now it’s May, which means my birthday is coming up! Another year older, but am I any wiser? I feel wise beyond my years, if I’m to be honest. So much is happening in my dark and twisted little world that I think I could be forgiven for not writing…

But I have been! Not as much as I would like, I’ll grant, but I have been- and to me, that’s enough for now. Having re-watched The Hobbit trilogy & The Lord of the Rings for the 500th time recently, I’ve been in a darkly fantastical mindset. All that rich, Christian mythology! So I’ve been dancing with fallen angels and dragons, Hellfire and curses that can only be cured with the blood of the innocent. Intriguing? I think so.

I’ve also been listening to some of my favourite old school bands. Musicians and music that drives me to deeply tragic, romantic and black places. Bands like Marilyn Manson, Korn, Atreyu, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Evanescence and Nightwish. Their influence is paramount to my best writing. I feel like they help me find my true self. The self that aches and bleeds. The self from which beautiful agony springs, like water from a bubbling brook.

Wallpapersxl Anne Stokes Ke Sta En Enslaved Angel Valkyra Cz 324533 1920x1080-edit
Image credit: Spiral Direct & Anne Strokes.

Stagnation is death, but momentum, no matter how slow, is progress. So I’m just going to keep on writing, one precious, exquisite word at a time! One day, it’s all going to amount to something worthwhile.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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