I See Hell In Your Eyes

November has rolled around…which means it’s time for National Novel Writing Month, once more! I decided to participate this year, even though I’m stretched quite thin at present, as far as commitments go! The craft of Writing and the telling of stories is something I’m exceptionally passionate about. It’s pivotal to the creature that I am. Seeing my works published and shared with the world, has been a personal dream of mine now, for a long time. And so I push myself!So this month, I’m trying my best to knock out a 50k word Young Adult horror novel, as well as a short story for submission to a promising looking dark fantasy, horror and paranormal anthology! To say I’ve got my plate full, is an understatement!


Progress, however, is going well. I just have to stay focused and maintain small goals along the way. So far, I’ve laid down over 12k words on my novel, and I’ve finished my short story submission; though I’m yet to go over it, and give it a final edit.

27 days and counting. Do you think I can churn out another 38k words? I’m really hopeful.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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