The Dark Carnival Continues

So it’s been a full turn about the sun since I opened my dark little corner of the Internet, which means that today I’m celebrating my first Bloggerversary! It’s strange how time flies and crawls, though it lacks both wings and appendages. When life seems like it couldn’t be any better… you blink, and it’s gone. Yet when life is at its worst, the days seem to bury you in their endless hate.

So how goes the war of words you might wonder? It goes ever forward, word after word after word. This month I’ve submitted a delicious dark fantasy short story to a promising anthology with an independent publisher in Pittsburgh. It’s a story that I love. It harkens back to the faerytales of olde. The dark, chaotic, enthralling fantasies that gave children nightmares. The ones that never ended Happily Ever After.

At 1,300 words, it sucks you in, kicks you in the feels and leaves you wanting. As a good story should! I’ll let you know how this story’s journey ends, or begins after the publisher’s reading period. Wish me luck! and as always… the NaNoWriMo battle royale continues.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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