Patience, Persistence & Pretty Poison

I am devilishly pleased to announce that my deliciously dark traditional faerytale “Only in Death” (referenced in my blog: The Dark Carnival Continues) was accepted for publication by Mighty Quill Books in their exciting and darkly inclined upcoming winter anthology Dead of Winter!


Sometimes you just know a story is the right fit for a project and in my case, I was not wrong! I really am genuinely thrilled. I had such faith in this story- it’s feel, the urgency of my heroine and the delightful darkness against which she found herself pitted. What a way to wrap up the year! An acceptance right before Christmas. Definitely one of the best presents a writer could ever receive. (You know, short of a life-time supply of coffee, books, functioning laptops and limitless Internet!)

Mighty Quill Books is a promising Independent Publisher based in Pittsburgh, PA, in the United States with a strong focus on the darkly supernatural and all things horror. It’s a publisher I think, that we can expect to hear some fantastic, unique and original voices and stories from in the near future.

With that, I think I’ll wrap up another year! Fair thee well 2016… it’s been… interesting, to say the very least. I’ll see you all again, my darklings, in 2017 with more writerly adventures, mayhem and mishaps. Til then, Happy Holidays!

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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