“Dead of Winter” eBook Pre-Orders

It’s that time! And I’m terribly excited! You can now *Pre-Order* Mighty Quill Books brand spanking new anthology Dead of Winter in eBook format! My beautifully crafted dark faerytale “Only in Death” has the honour of featuring in this exclusive and delicious collection of 10 hand-picked must-read stories that will whet your appetite with all kinds of darkness and leave you begging for more!

Without further ado, allow me to reveal the anthology’s Cover, Table of Contents & Author Line-Up!!!

“A dark collection of short stories spanning multiple genres to chill you to the bone. From horror to fantasy to science fiction and beyond, these are 10 stories to die for.”

Congratulations to my fellow anthologists and to Mighty Quill Books for such a promising and delectable collection of talent! To read more about each individual author, you can swing by Mighty Quill Books Author Page or visit their websites!

Foreword by A.M. Rycroft
The Darkness Has Teeth by Pamela Jeffs
The Huntress of Bur by Justin Chasteen
Fry Machete’s Monsters, Munchies, and Mayhem by Stuart Conover
Only in Death by Zoey Xolton
These Claws Dig Shallow Graves by Kevin Holton
Slipped Stitch by KT Wagner
Spotlight by David J. Gibbs
Coyoteman by Robert Perret
The Killers by Meredith Schindehette
Annabelle Lee by Erin Kahn

To *Pre-Order* your copy of Dead of Winter and support an incredibly talented group of authors, as well as a very deserving and quality independent publisher, click the image banner below! For the price of your daily caffeine fix, this must-read treasure trove can be instantly delivered to your Kindle or eReader device.


Please note: Information regarding paperback copies of Dead of Winter to follow, so be sure to check back soon!

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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