“Dead of Winter” Release Day

As promised, I’m here with news to keep you updated! To celebrate a beautiful and dark Valentine’s Day, today is the official Release Day of Mighty Quill Books anthology Dead of Winter which features my gorgeously Gothic faerytale “Only in Death”!

This means that you can now purchase it in either eBook or Paperback format. Already, our anthology is climbing the Amazon ladder and is currently ranked in the Top #30 for Horror Anthologies and in the Top #100 for YA & Teen Fiction! The rankings are updated hourly, so it can bounce around a little- but this is definitely a positive reaction from the wider reading community thus far.

As the week progresses, Mighty Quill Books will be showcasing the anthology’s contributing authors, with Author Spotlights! We’ve all been interviewed and it will be exciting to see what everyone has to say about their writing, their featured story as well as their interests in general. I’ll be sure to update my social media platforms with links when my day comes around!

And just as a little teaser to whet your appetite, here’s the first few sentences of my short story “Only in Death”!

Amara ran blindly through the dark, the fear of recapture giving speed to her frozen feet. Winter’s bitter cold frosted her every fevered breath no sooner than it had passed her lips. She cried out as another contraction ripped through her young body with inhuman strength, stealing her legs from under her…

PURCHASE your copy of Dead of Winter, today!
Amazon: eBook & Paperback
Apple iBooks: eBook
Barnes & Noble: eBook (Paperback TBA!)

To anyone who purchases a copy of Dead of Winter, I’d like to thank you. Not only does a book make a wonderful gift that endures through out the years and can be read and shared, time and time again; Your purchase is supporting myself and other hard-working indie authors, and we truly appreciate it! Without you, we couldn’t continue to do what we love.

As always…

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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