Surprise! You’re Dead! Ha, Ha, Ha!

I alluded to some exciting news several days ago on my personal Facebook account… and ever since, I’ve had a few people wondering: “What’s the news? What’s going on?” Well, I’m glad to say that I can finally reveal to you my dastardly plans for world domination! Er- I mean… the news. I can finally reveal the exciting news! Ahem.

A short time ago I was personally invited to be a part of the Mighty Quill Books Promotions Team by A.M. Rycroft! After some discussion about what this would entail and what it would mean for me work-load wise, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve accepted the position. Not only will I be promoting Mighty Quill Books, their endeavours and their authors over social media; but I’ll also be blogging bi-monthly for them on their website!

I’m going to be talking about all aspects of writing, from the prose itself to character realisation and world building. I’ll also be offering book recommendations and commentary on popular dark fiction in modern media, such as the latest TV and movie offerings on the market. And because I couldn’t possibly help myself, I may even post about various interesting myths and legends from around the world, because who doesn’t love a touch of ancient inspiration?

I’ll keep you all updated and linked up for when my first blog goes live… So I hope to see you all over at Mighty Quill Books, soon! Definitely check out their boutique selection of books available, if you haven’t already! I feature in one of them… Dead of Winter. (It’s received great reviews so far and features some tremendously talented authors!)

PS: I’m not even going to ask you to forgive the title of this blog. I was unashamedly in a Faith No More mood as I was typing.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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