Stop the Press: Read All About It!

As an author there are several shining milestones you eventually reach that make you sit back and think “Wow…” and one of these such moments is when you start receiving positive feedback from readers about your work!

As a reader myself, I know finances aren’t all the greatest. Sometimes you have to selfishly budget in the dollars to sate your next fiction fix, while other times you have the coin to splurge and you can buy up a storm! Either way, you want to feel that when you purchase a book, be it eBook or paperback, that you’ve invested in something worthwhile.

To help my fans and future potential readers, I’ve created a brand new Press page, that may just help you decide if me and my works are worth spending your hard-earned dollars on. There, you’ll find exclusive Author Interviews, Book Review Blogs as well as commentary I’ve gathered from Amazon & various social media that relate to my stories and the anthologies I feature in!

I do hope what you find encourages you to take a chance on me. I appreciate each and every sale, as well as each and every review & comment.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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