From A Mind Less Ordinary

I mentioned last month that I’d become involved with Mighty Quill Books both as a published Author and as a member of their Promotions Team. Life as always, is moving at a rapid pace, but despite this, I’ve still managed to regularly pen some interesting blogs about… “writing”, exclusively for the publisher’s website!

Just in case you’ve missed them, as they are published directly to the Mighty Quill Books News & Blog Feed, I thought I’d just link you up here! So far, I’ve written three blogs. Here I’ll share just a small excerpt. I hope you enjoy them and are able to take something useful away from them!

#1: The Dreams of the Writer:

“Every writer has a dream. Whether they admit to it or not is another matter entirely. Some dreams are multi-dimensional and know no bounds. They are star-seeking behemoths from the get-go. Other dreams are much smaller, more like stepping stones to something that will lead somewhere truly beautiful…or horrifying, as the case may be!”

#2: The Meaning of Horror:

“You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that the definition of Horror, these days, is movies the likes of the Saw franchise, because that’s what has been marketed to us. We see flashes of blood, dismembered body parts and we shake in our boots. However, as someone who loves a truly good horror film and story, I know horror to be so much more. Real horror isn’t just a gore-fest. It’s not just haplessly screaming men and women being mutilated beyond recognition…”

#3: Writing What You Know:

“One of the best pieces of advice any author can be given, I believe, is simply: write what you know. But how does that apply to me, you might wonder?

We all know that none of us have actually been on a real alien spaceship. We all know that we can’t just spread our arms like birds and fly. Yet many of our fictional stories contain fantastical elements such as these. Distant technology from the future and beings defying the laws of gravity… How could “writing what you know” relate to topics such as these?”

I’ll be blogging monthly from here on out, and my blogs will go live on the first Tuesday of every month, so mark it on your calendar and stay tuned! Thanks for visiting.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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