Winter Is Coming…

It’s hard to believe, but Autumn is almost at an end! Soon, we’ll say goodbye to our cool, but sunny days, the fallen leaves and the last few butterflies; only to welcome an onslaught of rain and cold, because Winter is Coming

But before then, I have some work to do! I’m currently working on a deliciously dark and twisted festive tale for Rhonda Parrish‘s “Mrs Claus” anthology, which is due by the end of May. I’m really enjoying writing it, to be honest. I’ve found my groove and the characters, as always, have just come into their own, fast and hard, and are leading me inexorably toward where the story must inevitably end. I’m not 100% certain, just yet… but I think when all is said and done and the story properly edited, it’ll be sitting pretty at a respectable 2,500 words all up.

Unfortunately for me, while I attempt to finish this short story, as well as deal with the more mundane activities of everyday life, I’m battling a seasonal Flu; even after two Flu shots! Ugh. But then, I did partially expect it, truth be told. Murphy’s Law and all that, you know? Regardless, I’m pushing on, because I have to. There’s another anthology to write for, come June! And I’m really excited about that opportunity too, but more on that later.

In the mean time, feel free to cast your eyes upon the second cover incarnation of Mighty Quill Books the Dead of Winter anthology! If you haven’t already purchased this fantastic collection of chilling, dark short stories, then I can highly recommend you do so! My tale “Only in Death” features, and it’s one that I am not ashamed to say that I am very proud of!

Original Cover Reveal
Updated Cover Reveal

I already own the original paperback, of course, but I’m definitely getting a copy of the updated cover, too! Because it looks great and can you really, ever have too many books? Besides, collecting different covers is always fun! And who doesn’t love Limited Editions?

You can purchase Dead of Winter through a variety of channels, in both eBook and paperback format. See HERE for purchasing options!

Thanks for visiting.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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