Reigniting the Fire …

It’s hard to believe, but 10 months have seemingly flown by in the blink of an eye! My dearest Darkling Princess turns one year old this weekend. Can you believe it? It feels like just the other day that I was announcing her impending arrival! Now that she’s getting bigger and a little more independent, I’ve been writing as often as I’m able.

Just before the end of June I submitted a short story to an anthology for consideration. I’m hoping my tale makes the cut, as it’s bound to be a stunning book! This particular publisher has some of the most gorgeous covers and the theme is ‘masquerade’, so how could you not want in on that action?

Since July I’ve also submitted a flash fiction for consideration to an Online e-zine, as well as a micro-fiction piece to a literary magazine. And… just while I’m on a little bit of a roll, I’ve also begun blogging for Mighty Quill Books again! So be sure to swing by there when the update goes live!

Congratulations to all my friends who have won awards and had stories published recently! You’ve all working so hard and living the dream. I’m proud to be a part of your circle and can’t wait to follow up with some more successes of my own!

PS: Thank you to all my fans and friends who have stayed with me, and been patient during my babymoon! I appreciate it. I’m currently doing my best to play catch-up with all my social media accounts.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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