Midnight Masquerade: Cover Reveal & Pre-Order!


Just over a fortnight has passed since my most recent short story Acceptance and the Midnight Masquerade anthology is already up for Pre-Order! Fantasia Divinity is absolutely killing it. In fact, last night was a double reveal event! They also opened another anthology, called Out Of Your Shadow, which has an empowered side-kicks theme for Pre-Order. Both anthologies are gorgeous! Read more to see for yourself!

How absolutely beautiful is Midnight Masquerade!? It’s just so elegant and perfectly suited to the anthology’s theme of masquerades! It’s such an honour to have my story ‘The Eternal Masquerade’ published within its pages.

Blurb for ‘The Eternal Masquerade’:

“Invited to attend the extravagant Midnight Masquerade at the opulent Westerly Castle, an aristocratic young lady is swept off her feet by the handsome and enigmatic Lord Cassius. Enjoying a night of revelry and dancing, Cassius takes Marlena for a turn about the castle gardens where he reveals to her his true nature. Will Marlena flee in terror, or join him in the Eternal Masquerade?”

You can Pre-Order Midnight Masquerade directly from Fantasia Divinity‘s web-store, HERE! It will officially release in September.

You can also Pre-Order Out of Your Shadow directly from Fantasia Divinity‘s web-store, HERE!

Thanks for reading and sharing in my excitement! I’ll be posting again soon.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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