I Don’t Need a Muse!

I used to be one of those writers who talked about the mystical, ephemeral being known as ‘the muse’. A creature that either gifted you with inspiration and ideas, or abandoned you, dead in the water, to stare blankly at the empty page… It’s a romantic notion. But the truth is, I’ve come to discover that my writing is truly all me. 

How much I get written, how many stories I submit, it’s all down to me and my hard work. Getting writing time in with two children can be challenging, especially as one of those is only just over a year old, now. Some days, it doesn’t happen at all and I feel a little crushed inside; but that’s the way life goes.

Other days, I refuse to let there be any excuses, kids or not. I get up after the children are asleep and stay up until 2 A.M typing like a demon on speed, even though I’m exhausted. I just chug back that delicious, sweet black life-giving substance known as caffeine, as plough on! Why? Simply put: I have dreams to achieve and I don’t have time for some fickle concept of a muse!

And on that note, I feel I have been making some real and very consistent progress in my writing career! Since June I’ve submitted 8 short stories, 4 drabbles (micro-fiction) and 1 poem! For me, that’s wonderful and amazing and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Other authors may write more, or less, but that’s none of my business. This is my personal journey and I’m proud of it.

I’m pushing myself more than ever before. To this end, I did something last night that I’ve never done before, something I’ve not even considered! I entered my short story ‘The Eternal Masquerade‘ into the 2018 Aurelius Awards in the Fantasy Short Story category! I’m not expecting to win, or to even garner recognition, but entering and putting myself out there is a new and exciting step in the right direction! Thank you for encouraging me, Pamela!

I’m following my dreams, one step at a time, on my terms. And I really am happy.

Thanks for reading.
May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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