Tarot: Major Arcana Anthology

It seems Fate has been kind… OR I’ve been working my butt off and it’s been noticed… But either way, the exciting news is that I’ll be contributing to an Invite Only anthology themed around the Major Arcana of Tarot! To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I love Tarot and other forms of divination and reading! It’s 110% up my alley of interest.

I was one of only twenty-two authors who have been hand selected to contribute to the Major Arcana anthology by Fantasia Divinity! I feel humbled and honoured. It feels like my voice and my writing are truly, finally being heard, appreciated and enjoyed!

I’ve been pushing myself hard, the second half of this year, to go beyond my comfort zones, to make the time to write and put my dreams first. I’ve been writing when I’m tired, writing when I have other commitments and writing when I haven’t even necessarily felt ‘in the zone’.

So to receive an invite, from a publisher I really like and whose anthologies I love, is amazing! Huge gratitude and thanks goes out to Madeline L. Stout and the rest of the Fantasia Divinity Team for including me in this submissions call!

I’ve sent a list of preferences, in regards to the tarot, so now it’s just about waiting to find out which Major Arcana I’ll be writing for! Wish me luck! I’d love to get one of my Top 7 picks, but honestly, I’ll be happy to write for any. I own a few tarot decks and appreciate the meanings behind all the cards!

Edit: I got my #1 pick! My first choice! I’m grinning like a fool! I’ll be writing for Death!!!


Thanks for reading.
May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!

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