The Power of Three

WordPress alerted me recently, to the fact that I have owned and been sharing this little corner of the Internet of mine, for 3 years, now! How the times flies. I almost can’t believe it. During the past three years, I’ve had a baby and written a whole lot of words. That’s achievement with a capital ‘A’, as far as I’m concerned! A lot has been happening for me in the writing world in the past six months, especially …

Now that my little darkling princess is not far from 18 months, I’ve been finding it progressively easier to find the time to write. As a result, I’ve submitted to several publications and the Acceptances are rolling in! I have to admit, the feeling of excitement and the sense of satisfaction you experience upon receiving a new acceptance, never gets old! Never. Every single one feels just as amazing as the last!

In just over a month from now, my dark drabble Trail of Hearts, is being published to The Horror Tree‘s ‘Enter the Drabble‘ within their ‘Trembling With Fear‘ Online publication. What a treat, and just for Christmas, too! So look out for that. Appropriate links can be found on my Online publications page.

In other news, my short story The Fountain of Blood was accepted just the other day, for inclusion in Fantasia Divinity‘s, as yet untitled, upcoming detective fantasy anthology! I really enjoyed writing this tale. It’s very gothic, but has a modern urban setting! I believe this anthology is scheduled for publication sometime in April of next year.

And, perhaps, most excitingly, I made my first Pro+ sale! The professional rate of pay for a writer, is generally considered .06c US. A couple days ago, I received an acceptance for my story Beneath the Blood Moon, from Factor Four Magazine! Their rate of pay is .08c US per word! I can’t tell you what an awesome, epic feeling it is, not only to be acknowledged in such a way, but to have my work slated for publication in this market! 

I was told that my story achieved success amongst 400 other submissions! First, I made it to their coveted Short List and then succeeded in winning the editors attention for publication in an upcoming issue. I can’t wait to share further details on this as they become available!

What else? Oh! I submitted a flash fiction tale called Mother of the Apocalypse to AntipodeanSF the other night, and am really looking forward to hearing back on that one. Did you know that they are celebrating 20 years Online and are an Aurelius Awards qualifying publisher? Seriously cool.

In total, I currently have, out in the world, 10 submissions pending! Wish me luck!

PS: If you have the inclination, please consider donating to the Drabbledark II Indiegogo funding campaign! Unfortunately, our first attempt fell short, so we’re trying again! 

Thanks for reading.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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