We Can Burn In Each Other’s Arms

Is it just me, or does it seriously feel like 2019 is the year “Where The Hell Did That Month Just Go!?” February is almost over! I’ve seriously had my pedal to the metal lately and it’s been grueling, but in my opinion, very rewarding. Several wonderful things have happened lately that I’d love to share with you…

But first!

February Writing Statistics:

Total Words Written: 9.7k
Short Stories Submitted: 2
Acceptances: 1
Pending: 1 (1 is a Contest entry!)
Rejections: 0
Poems Submitted: 0
Acceptances: 0
Rejections: 0
Pending: 11 (remaining from January)

Whilst my overall word count and submissions rate is down, I’ve been writing and working non-stop! I’ll go ahead and explain that now…

I literally just submitted my fifth and final short story for Fantasia Divinity‘s “Interpretations Contest“! It’s definitely been a challenging, and eye-opening experience and has landed me a bunch of new friends and writing companions. My total collection stands in at 35k at the moment; but there’s still the final collection editing week before the fifth judge scores! So that could change. See: Get longer, still!

Before moving away from Fantasia Divinity, I just wanted to update you all on a few things. Firstly, their Best of 2018 anthology “Echoes of the Past” is now LIVE and available to order from Amazon! It’s this gorgeous paperback that my short story The Eternal Masquerade features in.


And secondly, my aforementioned story The Eternal Masquerade, originally published in the “Midnight Masquerade” anthology is eligible for nominations in the DITMAR AwardsBest Short Story” category!! It’s very exciting and I’d absolutely love if you’d consider taking a moment of your time to VOTE FOR ME!


Thirdly, Fantasia Divinity‘s “Spring’s Blessing” anthology is now available for PRE-ORDER directly from their web-store, so be sure to pick yourself up a copy today! My short seasonal fantasy tales Heart Song and Ancestral Magic feature within! For the blurbs of these stories and further details, you can visit my Published > Anthologies page!

Glassvalkyrie_2_K (1)

Isn’t the full resolution cover just beautiful!?

OKAY! Now, moving onto the next point of business… Dragon Soul Press‘s “Epic Romance anthology, Volume 1 – First Love” Kindle eBook is still available for PRE-ORDER, but  now you can also purchase the paperback from Amazon! It’s a stunning anthology! My short story Once in a Blue Moon features within. Here’s the blurb:

“Faith is an orphan on the cusp of womanhood who comes face to face with her death, and salvation in the space of a single night, when she discovers vampyres not only exist, but rule over their small, Victorian harbour town…”

Intrigued? I hope so! I’d love to personally invite you to participate in our First Love Release Party on Facebook! There’ll be segments hosted by each contributing author, giveaways, games and much more! Please check out the Event Page for full schedule and details! Can’t wait to see you there…


Gods above and devils below, if you think that’s all… you’d be mistaken! I have even MORE to share with you, but I’ll do so in a separate blog, tomorrow! I think I’ve well and truly over-loaded you for one day! When I said I’ve been busy, I wasn’t joking, was I!?

Thanks for reading.
May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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