Ka-boom! Ka-Boom!

As promised, my second blog in as many days! I know, unheard of right? I usually keep it to a monthly thing, but there’s just so much going on- it can’t be avoided. So what else do I have to say? Well my friends have some fantastic news that I want to share, and remember that Release Party I’ve been nattering on about? Well that’s happening tomorrow!!!

First up! The my dear friend, the ever lovely Stacey Jaine McIntosh‘s DEBUT Short Story Collection “Lost“, is now AVAILABLE on multiple platforms, and is LIVE on Amazon TODAY too! Here’s the tantalising blurb…

“Where will you go once you are lost?
Who will you seek?
What will you find awaiting you in the shadows?
Enter… if you dare, into worlds where faeries, werewolves, vampires, gods, angels & demons collide!”


And here’s the gorgeously thematic book cover! I know I’ll be buying myself a paperback copy the second it’s available! I love to support my friends when I can, especially my Australian friends.

Speaking of support… I’d also love to mention that Stacey‘s short story “Morrighan” is available through Amazon NOW in the form of an adorable little paperback novelette! I have my copy waiting in my Cart. Or, if you prefer, it’s available on Kindle!

Morrighan” is the first in The Camelot Trilogy, a series of Arthurian themed books, with a prequel and sequel upcoming. If you’re a fan of imaginative re-tellings, then this is for you! Here’s the story’s blurb and the elegant cover!

“When Morgan was ten years old her father was murdered by Uther Pendragon and she vowed revenge. Now an adult and gifted with a very powerful ally in the form of the Morrighan, Morgan is able to enact her revenge. But it comes at a steep price: the knowledge of Arthur’s premature death.
Can Morgan prevent the Goddess’s prediction from coming true or is Camelot destined to fall?”


Secondly, my Award-winning friend, Pamela Jeffs‘s DEBUT short story collection, “RED HOUR & Other Strange Tales,” is currently eligible for the DITMAR Awards! She’d love to be voted in as “Best New Talent”, or “Best Collection”, so if you’re a fan, please take a moment to VOTE FOR HER… or if you’ve never heard of her, or read her work? There’s no time like the present! You can purchase her collection from AMAZON NOW! Available in both eBook for Kindle and trade paperback.


Isn’t the cover just wonderfully Australian? The bold colours, the strength! Here’s the intriguing blurb for her collection…

RED HOUR and Other Strange Tales is the debut story collection by Australian award-winning author Pamela Jeffs, and features nineteen speculative fiction stories exploring the theme of transformation.

Dare to ride with a dark horse at sunset, sail with fishermen who become the catch, or lament the death of living fire. This collection of strange stories will draw you in and leave you wanting more.

And last but NOT least, please don’t forget that the Dragon Soul Press First Love Release Party is happening on Facebook!!! Six crazy fun hours! Get your nibbles, and choice of beverage ready, because it’s going to be rocking!


PS: What do you think of my new Author Logo, created by Broken Dream Designs!?


PPS: Fellow authors, don’t forget! By participating in my segment of the First Love Release Party event, you can go into the random draw to win this cute, whimsical Premade eBook cover! Also designed by Broken Dream Designs!


Thanks for reading.
May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!

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