Hello Autumn!

And just like that… Summer has passed, and we find ourselves swept up into the first week of Autumn! I’ve already fallen victim to the season and have found myself as sick as a dog, to turn a phrase. However, I’ve received my first acceptances for the month and some wonderful things in the post… So that’s lifted my spirits a little! Also, I have a marvelous Cover Reveal for you! Read on!

Alright! Let’s get a wriggle on, shall we? I was pleasantly surprised to find an email in my Inbox this morning; an acceptance for all 11 of the poems I had submitted to the poetry anthology Organic Ink – Volume 1, by Dragon Soul Press! Accepted, were my poems “An Ode to Blood“, “A Mate for the Dark Soul“, “Guilt of Conscience“, as well as 8 little haikus!

This anthology, as you’ll see below, is going to be amazingly beautiful and I have no doubt that it will be filled with a satisfyingly eclectic array of poetry! My poems are of a dark Speculative nature, but the call was open-themed, so it’s going to make for interesting reading!!!

Check out the stunning cover…


This divine anthology will be available sometime in June! So mark your calendars and keep an eye out! I’ll announce when, and where you can purchase, when the time comes!

So… guess what arrived on my door-step by courier, today? My author copies of Dragon Soul Press‘s First Love anthology! It’s Volume 1 of the Epic Romance trilogy! My short story (approximately 6.6k words) “Once in a Blue Moon” features within.


First Love is honestly even more lovely in person, than it appears Online. The whole aesthetic is just perfect. And once the entire trilogy is together, it’s going to be AMAZING. See!?


Just in case you’re interested, here’s the little teaser I penned for Once in a Blue Moon

“Faith is an orphan on the cusp of womanhood who comes face to face with her death, and salvation in the space of a single night, when she discovers vampyres not only exist, but rule over their small, Victorian harbour town. “

You can purchase this gorgeous anthology HERE in paperback or eBook format! If you happen to read it, and enjoy it… please don’t forget the message below! It would mean so much to all of us, the authors involved, to receive feedback and know how our craft and hard work is appreciated!


Now, I must away! I have another Dragon Soul Press submission to work on! The deadline is fast approaching and I don’t want to miss it!

Thanks for reading.
May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!

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