From the Heart of Darkness

March is over and April has officially begun! As a friend of mine pointed out, that means the first quarter of the year is done! I can’t believe it. I know I keep saying things to that effect, but time really feels like it’s flying for me! I’m just writing so hard, and getting so much done, it’s crazy! But it feels wonderful. And…

It’s that time again…

March Writing Statistics:

Total Words Written: 23k
Short Stories Submitted: 18
Acceptances: 10
Pending: 8
Rejections: 0
Poems Submitted: 1
Acceptances: 1
Rejections: 0
Pending: 0

Wow… so, my tally stands thus… I wonder what April will hold!?
January: 13.7k
February: 9.7k
March: 23k

I’m more than impressed with my output, but at the same time, I’m aching to do more! I know I can. So what’s the news for this month?

Three of my drabbles were accepted into Black Hare Press‘s “Angels” anthology, in their Dark Drabbles series! These tiny tales were called “The Fall“, “Out of Eden” and “The Seventh Seal“! I’ve submitted two more drabbles since, and am crossing my fingers they are accepted also, as I’d love to be a part of the esteemed Five Club (these are contributors who succeed at having the full allotment of five drabbles accepted)!

And here’s the new cover for this anthology! I like the Valkyrie-style angel!


And what’s more, Black Hare Press has now opened their Submission Call for their Dark Drabbles: 3 … “Monsters“! The cover for that is awesome too, but I’ll share it at a later date, should I manage to get into the anthology!

Rolling onto the next point of interest, my short story “Phoenix Rising” was accepted by Iron Faerie Publishing for their “Myth & Magic” anthology! I love this story, so I’m so glad it’s found a home!

Now regarding submissions… I have quite a few pending, eight in fact! I subbed short stories to Fantasia Divinity, Pixie Forest Publishing, Zombie Pirate Publishing, Black Hare Press and Stormy Island Publishing… All the anthologies had really interesting calls, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing how I fared with these submissions. Wish me luck!

And presently? My most intensive efforts are being channeled into my submission for Dragon Soul Press‘s “Coffins & Dragons” anthology! I have been looking forward to this one with hungry eyes and eager fingers, so I’m working hard. So far, I’m up to 6.5k and based on how the tale is running, I project that I’ll have it wrapped up at around 9k, though knowing me, it may well run longer!

It’s officially the 2nd of April here in Australia, (I keep horrendous hours!) and yesterday I managed to send 16 Speculative Fiction haikus to Dragon Soul Press! 8 for Organic Ink: Volume 2 and 8 for Organic Ink Volume 3! Can you tell I’m desperate to get the trifecta on this one?? Both of these poetry anthologies are open, so check them out if you’re a poet! And for now, that’s all!

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to check our my upcoming works on my Anthologies Page, if you haven’t already! The pretties just keep getting added!

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!

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