With This Old Heart

Time to lighten the mood up after my last post, I think! So back on the wagon and onwards and upwards! I have some recent submission news, as well as a few other small details I thought you might appreciate hearing!

So, last night, I decided to withdraw from Fantasia Divinity‘s “Interpretations Contest“. It was a paid entry contest, comprising 5 phases, with unique prompts that you were required to write to. The Top 3 scoring author collections would win publication! It was a very exciting opportunity, and one that I had a lot of mad fun participating in… However, after submitting all my stories, and receiving my scores for all but the last tale, I decided that I didn’t want to continue.

Entirely for my own reasons. I just felt that for me, the contest served it’s purpose. It was a ‘push’ for me to write regularly, steadily, with an increasing word count; and to prompts which weren’t always easy, which is fantastic, because there’s a lot to be said for hanging outside of your comfort zone, at least on occasion!

I definitely feel I have grown as a writer, as a result of the contest, and have nothing but wonderful things to say of Fantasia Divinity. I am crossing my fingers for all my friends still participating! I know there are going to be some amazing collections born from this endeavour! But for me, that part of my journey is over.

After I sent that difficult withdrawal email, I decided to push forward, and make progress. I love progress! If I’m not moving, I’m stagnating, and I hate stagnating. So last night, I sent in 4 more submissions. One to Factor Four Magazine for “Issue #5″, and three to Dragon Soul Press anthologies… they were “Reign of Queens“, “Lost Love” and “Last Love“. And as I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve also submitted poetry to both Organic Ink – Volumes II & III.

And I’m currently writing my submission for “Coffins & Dragons“; (hence why I’ve included it in my recent submission graphic, below) my word count currently stands at 12.5k, with a maximum of 15k allowed. So wish me luck that I can tie things up nicely with the wiggle room that I have left!


Aren’t these anthologies all SO incredibly beautiful!? I’ve already been published in “First Love“, and am being published in Organic Ink – Volume I, soon… so I really hope I manage to earn my place in all three poetry collections, as well as all three of the Epic Romance books!



I’d also desperately love to submit to to the following Dragon Soul Press anthology calls, as well! Not to mention I still have to write for Fantasia Divinity‘s Galactic Goddesses and Wishes of Illusion calls! Talk about overwhelmed… but I can do it, right!?


I hope to see some of YOU featuring in these great anthologies along with me. The opportunities are there for the taking… you just have to do your best and grab at them with both hands! All the best of luck to us all!

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!

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