Blood on the Walls

Blood on the floor… Blood on the ceiling… Blood in the Halls… and I have more good news! I’ve received two acceptances recently, which have done an immense amount to boost my mood, of late! Read on for a neat Cover Reveal and Table of Contents Reveal!

So the first acceptance I received was over the Easter break, and that was for my short story “The Siren’s Curse“, which will now be featuring in Fantasia Divinity‘s upcoming summer fantasy themed anthology “Summer Splash“! This exciting anthology is still OPEN to submissions… so any interested writers should head on over to their Anthology Submission Calls page for further details! According to their last Facebook update, the anthology is about half-way full.

Credit to: GettyImages for this photo

On this note, a big congratulations to my lovely friend, and fellow Australian author, Stacey Jaine McIntosh on her short story “Summer Storm” being accepted into “Summer Splash“! Her most recent tale follows the events of her story “The Dawning of Spring“, which featured in Fantasia Divinity‘s “Spring’s Blessing” anthology. (This anthology features my own stories “Heart Song” and “Ancestral Magic“! You can purchase you copy HERE today!)

Glassvalkyrie_2_K (1)

And my second acceptance came from Zombie Pirate Publishing for my short story “The Devil You Know“, which I’m over the moon to announce will be featured in the sequel to first anthology of gore and blood, Full Metal Horror! “Full Metal Horror 2: a Bloodstained Anthology” will be available for purchase June 15th.

I’m very fortunate to share a Table of Contents with some superbly talented short fiction authors, some of whom are very good friends of mine! Just to name a few you should definitely check out: Rich Rurshell, D.M. Burdett, Sam M. Phillips, Adam Bennett, Patrick Winters, David Bowmore and Shawn Klimek!


And last, but certainly not least, the Cover Reveal for this gloriously gory anthology! Isn’t it fantastic? Very well suited, and fits perfectly with the first anthology in the series…


Zombie Pirate Publishing has a new Submissions Call for their next anthology called “Grievous Bodily Harm: a Hardboiled Anthology“! The theme for this call courts the themes of detective stories, classic crime noir, mafia stories and mysteries! So be sure to check that out if you’re interested!

Until next time…

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!

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