Release Day: Of Kami & Yokai

Today, my princess of darkness turns 22 months old. Also… It’s RELEASE DAY for one of the gorgeous anthologies that I feature in! PLUS, a further TWO anthologies I’m a part of are now available for PRE-ORDER! It’s all going on. So come in, sit down and have a read! There’s even a few Submission Calls I’ll list for those interested!

So the big news of the day is that the beautiful Japanese Myth anthology I feature in, titled “Of Kami & Yokai“, published by Fantasia Divinity went live on Amazon today! It has such a lovely, classic cover, doesn’t it?


Have a read of the anthology’s blurb:
“Japan is a land of legends where horrible yokai lurk in the depth of forests and even the powerful kami have to face family conflicts every now and again. In these pages you’ll find the hauntingly beautiful Yuki-Onna looking for a new victim, the Rabbit God of the Moon helping a young boy and mysterious mermaid creatures inhabiting distant islands. Pour yourself a cup of tea and let us transport you to the Land of the Rising Sun.”

Two of my short stories feature within:

“Shadows in Heaven”The powers of darkness are ever persistent in their war to win over the Light, and the yokai of Japan never rest. Queen of Heaven, Amaterasu has seen everything, and won every battle, in her long, eternal years upon the throne; but the darkness has never before breached the Gates of Heaven…”

“A Nest of Serpents” – “When the Emperor, is murdered, sixteen year old Akira ascends the throne, becoming Empress over all of Japan. Justice appears near at hand, when she is presented with the very assassin who took her father’s life; but things are never so simple. Nothing is as it seems, and the young ruler soon finds out that the royal family has been guarding a very dark secret.”

You can grab yourself a copy of this exciting collection of Japanese tales directly from Fantasia Divinity’s web-store (scroll down until you see available titles!), or of course, from Amazon! And what’s more? If love to collect your favourite books in hardcover edition, “Of Kami & Yokai” is now available in this format! Simply contact Fantasia Divinity directly to place your order!


I’m excited to re-iterate once again that the 1st of Black Hare Press’s Dark Drabbles series, “Worlds” is available for Pre-Order on Amazon! “Worlds” features over 300 dark drabbles from more than 100 authors! It will be available in eBook and Paperback formats from June 25th, 2019.

Five of my own dark drabbles are featured within. They are: “Infected“, “Not Alone“, “The Honey Trap“, “Creep in the Cornfield” & “Saving Ixion-13“.



The 2nd of Black Hare Press’s Dark Drabbles series, “Angels” is available for Pre-Order on Amazon! “Angels” features over 300 dark drabbles from more than 100 authors! It will be available in eBook and Paperback formats from July 23rd, 2019.

Five of my own dark drabbles are featured within. They are: “The Fall“, “Out of Eden“, “The Seventh Seal“, “Angel of Death” & “Thief in the Night“.

But wait- there’s more!


COMING SOON is Black Hare Press‘s third Dark Drabbles anthology “Monsters“! Again, five of my own drabbles feature. They are: “Harlequin“, “The Monster Within“, “Terror in the Deep“, “Moon Cursed” & “Mouths to Feed“. More details to follow!

Are you beginning to notice a pattern here? You guessed it! I am indeed going for a full compliment of micro tales in ALL five Dark Drabbles anthologies! On that note…


Most recently opened to submissions ( and STILL open!) is the fourth installment in Black Hare Press‘s Dark Drabbles series… and I am proud to say that five of my little stories were accepted into “Beyond“, too! There are: “River of Memory“, “Phantoms at Sea“, “The Lonely Ghost“, “Born Dead” & “The Darkness“. More details to follow!

I’m now just eagerly awaiting the Submissions Call for “Unravel” to open so that I can feature in all five anthologies and take over the world! feel proud of my accomplishment! I’d love to hold all five books in my hands and see them together! Here’s a neat banner that Black Hare Press made of all five together, just to give you an idea!


Pretty, right!? I’m just a tad obsessed…


Anyway! I promised to drop a few Open Submission Calls for any of my writer friends, interested; so here they are:

The following 3 anthologies from Black Hare Press.

  • Deep Space: Volume 1 –  a Science Fiction Anthology
  • What If? –  an Alternate History Anthology
  • Beyond: Dark Drabbles #4 – a Paranormal Drabbles Anthology

The following 4 anthologies from Fantasia Divinity.

  • Beneath the Stained Glass Rose – a Notre Dame Charity Anthology
  • Wishes of Illusion – a Djinn/Genie Anthology
  • Isolation – an Isolation Horror Anthology
  • Twisted Fate: Apples Red As Blood (Volume 1) – a Snow White Anthology

The following 2 anthologies from Iron Faerie Publishing.

  • Divinity – a Gods & Goddesses Anthology
  • Myth & Magic – a Mythological Creatures & Beasts Anthology

The following 1 anthology from Rhonda Parish.

  • Hear Me Roar – an Empowered Women & Dragons Anthology
    (NOTE: Must Subscribe to Newsletter to be eligible to Submit!)

The following 1 anthology from Horror Addict.

  • Dark Divinations – a Victorian Divination Horror Anthology

I hope you enjoyed this enormously LONG blog, and also hope to see some of you submitting to these fantastic short story anthologies!

Until next time…

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!



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