Pre-Order: Fable + more!

So much is happening in my world at the moment! I’m going to try to touch on just a few of the most important things here… In this blog, I talk about the Pre-Order for “Fable” and the recent release of “WORLDS”! Click ahead and get reading.

I was lucky enough to be invited to submit to Iron Faerie Publishing‘s debut anthology “Fable” an alternative fairytales collection; and thankfully, much to my delight, my short story “Feathers of Fate” was accepted for publication! “Feathers of Fate” clocks in 6k words, and is a re-telling of the ‘The Goose Girl’.


I wanted to work with a tale that isn’t quite as common as the most well known fairytales, and I’m really pleased with my end choice, and how I told the story! I hope that fans of the genre appreciate my re-telling and enjoy this anthology as a whole! It features some very talented authors whom I am genuinely pleased to share page space with.


You can PRE-ORDER NOW and get reading as soon as it releases on the 5th, or you can wait and of course, order a stunning paperback or two- or, better yet- why not both?? We would sure love the support!


In other news… the launch of “WORLDS” went incredibly well, infinitely better than we could have ever dreamed, to be honest! “WORLDS” by Black Hare Press achieved #1 under New Releases and #1 under Best Sellers on Amazon Australia! To say we were ecstatic to see that world famous ‘little orange tag’ is very much an understatement!


And, we successfully made it into the Top 100 under Best Sellers for all other major English speaking nations (U.S.A, U.K, Canada), as well as Germany! For those still interested, you can order your eBook, Paperback or Hardback copy of “WORLDS“- HERE!


Thank you to everyone who supported us by purchasing a copy, liking our posts, or sharing the good word, around! It was a super exciting 24 hours… but do  you want to know the crazy part? We have to do it all again, come July 23rd- because that’s when “ANGELS” releases; which is Dark Drabbles #2! You can PRE-ORDER NOW! And collect the whole set of five…


Before I head off, I just want to mention that my dear friend, and fellow author, Simon Dillon‘s brand new novel “The Irresistable Summons” by Dragon Soul Press is up for PRE-ORDER NOW! Be sure to grab your copy! I am! And isn’t the cover just stunning!? You can see it in all it’s full resolution glory over at Simon’s blog.


Oh! And- I almost forgot! “Organic Ink – Volume 1” an epic poetry anthology (in which I feature) releases June 30th! Be sure to PRE-ORDER NOW for the special price of $2.99- before it returns to $7.99 on Release Day!


May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!