Chaos Reigns

As always, I have a lot going on! I’ve had a few wonderful acceptances recently, and there’s also a couple New Releases on the nearby horizon! My list of publications is growing at an exponential rate, and I couldn’t be happier, or more proud of my efforts. Find all the details within!

OK! Let’s start with my most recent acceptances, shall we?

Despite the odds, I managed to get a Full House of 5 drabbles accepted by Black Hare Press for book #6 of their Dark Drabbles series, “APOCALYPSE“! I was actually the 2nd author to achieve this.That’s a Full House in every title of the series so far! I’m on a roll! My tiny tales are: “Queen of the Ashes“, “The Dead Zone“, “Fresh Hell“, “The Last Rose” & “Citizens of the New World“.



Now this one is a BIG one, and is truly the one I’m most thrilled about… My 13.4k word novelette “The Talisman of Fire” was accepted by Dragon Soul Press for their “COFFINS & DRAGONS” anthology!!! At this point in time, this is the crux of my achievement as an author, in my opinion. I wanted in on this anthology so desperately! And I achieved my dream! I feature along side 20 other talented authors in what promises to be a Best Seller! I mean… just look at the cover! The featured draconic emblem features within my tale! You can view the full author line-up, here!



My poem “The Tragedy of the Wild Heart” was accepted into Stormy Island Publishing‘s “SEA GLASS HEARTS” poetry anthology, and they’ve recently revealed the pretty, elegant full paperback wrap! This one is currently up for Pre-Order, so be sure to grab your copy and immerse yourself a fantastic collection of ocean, and romance, themed poetry that is sure to speak to the heart! The book goes live on August, 20th.



My little poem “I am Aquarius” was accepted into the Australian Speculative Fiction group‘s “AQUARIUS” anthology, part of an amazing 12 book Zodiac themed series which is being published by Deadset Press! My poem serves as an introduction to the book. I’ve since submitted a drabble, and a short story as well- but I’m still waiting to hear back on those. They recently revealed their epic, artistic gothic cover. This series is going to SO amazing when they’re altogether!



KJK Publishing, well known for their Best Selling 100 Word Horrors series, have accepted my drabble “The Arena” into volume 3! This series of tiny horrors often boasts some popular, big names from the horror world, so I’m over the moon to be featured! Check out the series so far!



On the drabble front, my drabble “The Gateway to Faerie” was the debut story that launched Iron Faerie Publishing‘s Online publication “Hawthorn & Ash“! This publication is Free-to-Read! You can read my story, here. IFP have also accepted my short story “Phoenix Rising” for their upcoming myth and magic themed anthology.



And last, but not least, I just had another micro tale, a 10-word story accepted by the Potato Soup Journal. It’ll go live on September, 3rd! You can read my previously published tales, “Too Late“, and “The Golden Gate Bridge“, in the mean time!



That’s all for the moment on the Acceptances front… and now we have two very special New Releases! First up is Black Hare Press‘s “MONSTERS” a microfiction anthology, which is book #3 in their Dark Drabbles series! This horrifying book goes live on August the 20th! If you’re quick you can still pick up your eBook copy for the Special Pre-Order price! My featured stories are: “Harlequin“, “The Monster Within“, “Terror in the Deep“, “Moon Cursed” & “Mouths to Feed“.



And the second release for August, and the one most near and dear to my heart, is the witchcraft themed microfiction anthology “CURSES & CAULDRONS” by Blood Song Books, which just happens to be my editorial debut, as well as the publisher’s first publication! You can grab your eBook via Pre-Order Now, or wait until Release Day, August 31st, for the gorgeous paperback! It’s just beautiful. My Proof Copy arrived by post today, and I feel immensely proud of our book baby!

10 of my own micro stories “The Purge“, “A Noble Heart“, “The Burning Man“, “Crimson Moon“, “Poison“, “Dancer in the Dark“, “Nine Lives“, “Flowers for the Dead“, “The Bones Never Lie” & “Wings of Death” feature within!



Thank you for reading, and supporting myself, and all the fabulous traditional, and indie presses I work with! Another blog will be coming soon… because there’s another cover reveal coming up and I have a special, super secret project on the horizon…

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!

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