Curses & Cauldrons: Release Day!

It’s finally here! My editorial debut, and the debut release of Blood Song Books, has arrived! It’s August, 31st and “Curses & Cauldrons” is on the scene! I am just so supremely excited. I even treated myself to my favourite wine for the first time in over two years, to celebrate.


Release Day in Australia has been fantastic so far. Since the launch of Pre-Orders, “Curses & Cauldrons” has remained in the Top 100 Best Sellers under our main category ‘Horror Anthologies’, which to hold for a whole month, is quite a feat. I’m very proud, and I feel I deserve to be.

We had some amazing milestones during Pre-Order! I’ll share them with you, below…


#1 in Horror Anthologies on Amazon AU
#10 in Collections & Anthologies Fantasy on Amazon AU
#11 in Fantasy Anthologies on Amazon AU


#8 in New Releases in Horror Anthologies on Amazon US… which is amazing! The US market, being infinitely larger, and global, is much harder to break into on the charts! So I was so pleased with this milestone. And, how awesome is it that “Curses & Cauldrons” was sitting side-by-side with Australian publisher Black Hare Press’ anthology “Monsters“!?


#57 in Best Sellers under Horror Anthologies on Amazon US… which again, so humbled by! With the official Release Day nearing for the United States, I’m hoping “Curses & Cauldrons” can break into the Top 100 yet again, but if we don’t manage it, I’ll be okay with that; because we already achieved that milestone during the Pre-Order period part of the publication process! But hey, twice would be a hat-trick, right!?

And just for a giggle, I wanted to share this…


At one point in time, “Curses & Cauldrons” was hilarious sitting at #666 in Occult Fiction in the U.S, which considering the anthology’s theme, was too funny not to get a screen shot of!

I will be sharing our Release Day milestones over the next 48 hours, so be sure to check back and see how we fared! In the mean time, it would mean the absolute world to me, and Blood Song Books’ talented contributing authors if you’d consider purchasing a copy! “Curses & Cauldrons” is available in eBook and quality Trade Paperback across all Amazon sites.

Please use our Universal Link below to be directed to your local site!

***Unfortunately, with the exception of Australia. Australia is always the slowest to launch paperbacks, but it’s in process, and will hopefully be live, soon! I purchase all my paperbacks via the .com anyway, because they ship from the U.S.A, so truthfully, it makes no difference!***


Thank you for reading! Please feel free to share my blog with your friends.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!

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