Storming Area 51

As I’m sure everyone’s heard by now… all the hype over viral Social Media sensation that was the ‘Storm of Area 51’ died in the mouth when almost no one showed up at the event; despite slews of civilians and celebrities promising that they would attend! This was to be expected of course. No celebrity would risk arrest over something so ludicrous, let alone anyone else. Despite this, the Social Media phenomenon spawned by the ‘event’ certainly made waves, and was fun to watch!

One of my favourite publishers, Black Hare Press (from Australia), decided it would be a good laugh to capitalise on the idea of ‘The Storm’, and so myself, and a bunch of other talented international authors got together to create a book which went on to be far more successful than it’s idea-sake!


Storming Area 51: Survivor Stories was made free for the entire weekend to celebrate the social event, and it smashed the charts, hitting #1 in the Social Media category, the Alien Invasion Science Fiction category, Humorous Science Fiction category, as well as the LGBT Science Fiction category! Over 1000 copies were downloaded, which is staggering. We’re so proud of this insane anthology. We put it together in record time, and it absolutely deserves it’s international Best Seller status!

Everyone loves the idea of aliens, of extraterrestrial visitors. Whether it was E.T or the X-Files, everyone has at some point become enamoured (or terrified) by the prospect of other intelligent life from beyond the stars. I feel that Storming Area 51 will have something for everyone, as a result. It ticks all the boxes: Science Fiction, Horror, Drama and even Humour!

If you missed out on the opportunity to read this fantastic anthology for free, but are still interested, please consider supporting the authors, and Black Hare Press, by buying a copy, today! It’s available in three formats: eBook, Paperback and even Hardback for the collectors out there!

My tales “Elayna” and “Caroline Walters” feature, a drabble (a microfiction piece of exactly 100 words) and a short story that’s just under 2k, respectively. Check out these neat anthology teasers, below!



Treat yourself to a one-way ticket to the quaint desert town of Rachel, in Nevada, and find out from true eye-witness accounts, just what took place during the infamous Storming of Area 51! I promise, this anthology is entertaining, if nothing else!


Russel Crowe couldn’t be wrong, right? …


That link again, STORMING AREA 51: SURVIVOR STORIES!!! Enjoy, and don’t forget… the #truth is out there.

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to share my blog with your friends.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!




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