UNRAVEL the Mystery!

It seems I’ve been caught up in a storm of deadlines, and haven’t been able to blog as often as I would like; my apologies for that. But, take solace in the fact that at least a couple exciting things are happening, book-wise…so let’s just jump right to it!

UNRAVEL” is the highly anticipated fifth installment in the ‘Dark Drabbles‘ series by Black Hare Press, edited by the talented D. Kershaw, and it releases tomorrow! This anthology focuses on the theme of ‘crime’. I thought this call would be more difficult to write for, being that I’m no crime/thriller author…but I’m proud of my contributions to the book, nonetheless; and am very grateful that they held some appeal, and were accepted into this beautiful book!

Isn’t the cover just stunning? The whole series look so fantastic together…that every time I think I’ve come close to deciding which is the prettiest, the next one comes out, and I’m thrown for a six all over again! The covers for this series were designed by the fabulous D. M Burdett, who herself, is also a talented writer.


My five drabbles that feature are: “Burning Passion“, “Blood Sings to Blood“, “The Returned“, “The Midnight Man” & “War Crimes“. All are darkly speculative, with the exception of the last, which is sadly, more a statement of Western society’s treatment of veterans, and those who have served, in general.


If you hop to it, you can still grab this anthology for just 99c while it’s on Pre-Order! Once the date rolls over, it’ll back to retail price. So what are you waiting for? PRE-ORDER NOW! You’d be mad, not too… Available in eBook, Paperback and Hardback!

Blurb: “Murder mysteries, criminal chronicles, whodunnits, revenge, suspicion, mayhem, intrigue, and lots more. What miracles can one hundred debut to bestselling authors do with 100 words? More than three hundred 100-word drabbles from around the world.”



On top of that, Blood Song Books second release has just gone live for Pre-Order. “FOREST OF FEAR – VOLUME 1” is the first of their new annual Halloween horror microfiction anthologies!


Blurb: “The moon is high, and the darkness teams with nightmares. It’s All Hallows’ Eve…do you dare go out, risking life and limb, for a sweet treat? Will you answer the call of the night? Sate your seasonal hunger, and sink your teeth into this delectable collection of 101 bites of Halloween horror!

Featuring: Zoey Xolton, Stacey Jaine McIntosh, Cindar Harrell, Terry Miller, Delaney McCormick, Beth W. Patterson, Umair Mirxa, Jo Seysener, Eddie D. Moore, Gabriella Balcom, N. M. Brown, Aron Beauregard, Nerisha Kemraj, G. Allen Wilbanks… + 44 other talented international authors!”

This gorgeous, dark, and disturbing horrific anthology releases on Halloween, October 31st, but you can Pre-Order Now! This collection features my tiny tales: “Little Red Riding Dead“, “Raising the Veil” & “Halloween Hearts“, and also marks my second editorial effort. I think readers who revel in the season will really enjoy our take on it…


Paperbacks should be available approximately a fortnight after the official release of the eBook, but no firm date has been set just yet. I will keep you all updated! If you’d like to keep your finger on the pulse, you can ‘like’ and follow along on the Blood Song Books Facebook Page, or likewise, with my own Author Page.

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to share my blog with your friends.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!


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