2019 in Review!

I cannot believe that it’s the last day of 2019…like, when did that happen!? Whilst this year has been somewhat personally tumultuous, it has been an unbelievably fantastic year from a writing perspective, and I honestly have doubts whether I’ll ever experience it’s like, again! Read on for my accomplishments & some well-deserved shout outs!

At last count, and it’s been a little while, and it’s honestly overwhelming trying to correlate all the info, but I believe that my count for publications I’ve been accepted into this year is around about 65 – 70 anthologies this year. Some of them are yet to be released, but they’re on their way as publications for 2020! I hit 100 individual acceptances sometime near August I believe, and haven’t bothered counting since then.

I’ve written approximately 200k words for 2019, 100k of which are novelettes; I’ve written 12! The other 100k are a mix of drabbles, flash fiction and short stories to a variety of publishers.

This year, very last minute, but all the same, I pumped out pre-orders for my debut collection “DARKLY EVER AFTER“, as well as a Kindle short read “TERRA NULLIS“! Both have charted on the Best Sellers lists, which has honestly just rounded out my year with a cherry on the top!




And whilst it’s not exhaustive, as both Amazon and Bookbub take time to update, I currently have 46 available titles on Amazon in which I feature, and 44 of those have funneled onto Bookbub, so far. (I can’t figure out which 2 are missing, my brain is mush!) Have a look at this epic stash of pretties! I am 110% proud of my 2019, that’s for sure…



Oh! I nearly forgot to mention the subject of AWARDS!!! 13 of my tales are currently under consideration with the Aurealis Awards, as are Blood Song Books two anthologies, “Curses & Cauldrons” and “Forest of Fear – Volume 1“!

Three anthologies I feature in, “Curses & Cauldrons“, “Monsters” and “Full Metal Horror 2” have made it to the Readers List for the Horror Writers Association‘s Bram Stoker Award

And “Curses & Cauldrons” is also under consideration with the internationally renound Ellen Datlow for Best Horror of the Year!

Honestly, even if none of my own stories, or the anthologies in which I feature, win an award, I’m just over the moon to have been nominated by my peers, and well known professionals in the industry! It’s a big feather in my cap, and it’s nothing short of epic!


And on the writing front, that’s a wrap, my friends! Now just for a few shout outs to the people that helped make my 2019 one Hell of a year to remember… (Listed in Alphabetical order!)

Thank you all SO much for seeing merit in my work and accepting me into so many beautiful, incredible anthologies! I look forward to hopefully working with you all in 2020!

And that’s me, out! See you in 2020!!!


Thank you for reading! Please feel free to share my blog with your friends.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!

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