And So It Begins…

And just like that, the first month of 2020 has flown by! It’s been full on, but I wouldn’t change a moment. I have been all hands on deck with my debut short story collection, all the while keeping up with my usual external submission rate! Take a read to find out how I fared as an author this January!

This months acceptances…

My short story “The Magic Within“, which was originally published by Fantasia Divinity Publishing in their children’s charity anthology “Magic for Beginners“, was selected to feature in their annual ‘Best of 2019‘ anthology, called “Ghosts of the Past“. It was really lovely to have my story acknowledged this way. And isn’t the cover beautiful? It was created by my friend, fellow author, and graphic designer, Stacey Jaine McIntosh of Lafae Cover Designs. PRE-ORDER NOW!


Also from Fantasia Divinity Publishing…my drabble “A Kind Turn” will be featuring in “Burning Dreams“, an anthology I was fortunate enough to name, and design the cover for, via my graphics business, Broken Dream Designs! This is an Australian bushfire charity relief effort, and is something I’m really proud to be working on so closely! It’s currently OPEN to submissions. I hope you love the cover!


On top of that, my short story “Bloody Prohibition” was accepted by Black Hare Press into their upcoming charity anthology “TWENTY TWENTY“. This lovely anthology will be raising proceeds that are being donated to support the Australian wildlife affected by the recent catastrophic bushfires. The funds will be shared between WIRES – NSW (New South Wales) Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service and Zoos Victoria. It’s an honour to be featured in another anthology which will be raising money for such a worthy cause. Also, I adore this cover! PRE-ORDER NOW!


And while we’re on the subject of charity, and worthwhile causes…my short story “Queen of the Tides“, originally published by Fantasia Divinity Publishing in “Galactic Goddesses“, was accepted by the Australian Speculative Fiction group to appear in their very own bushfire relief anthology “Stories of Hope“, published by Deadset Press. So once again, it was great to see a story get a second life for a great reason! This cover features custom, hand-painted artwork, which is really special.


So that wraps up my submissions for the month.

I’ve begun a new project, which I’m very excited about. I’d love to introduce to you my “Fast Fiction Collection“, a series of Amazon exclusive Kindle short reads! Each is a unique, and complete story if its own, from a wide array of genres, and featuring a diverse range of themes. So far, three titles have been published by Blood Song Books; they are… “Terra Nullis“, “The Devil You Know“, and “The Grey“! For full details regarding each title, please visit my Kindle Reads page!








And last, but not least…onto my gorgeous debut collection! “Darkly Ever After” is a collection of Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Mythology & Fairy Tales being published by Blood Song Books! The stunning cover is a collaboration between Broken Dream Designs and Milktee Studios.


Blurb: Between these pages you’ll find an alluring array of original dark fantasy, paranormal romance, ancient mythology and timeless fairy tale retellings.
Here, darkness reigns—but even in the dark there is hope.
Embrace the shadows and revel in your very own delicious Darkly Ever Afters…
Vampires, witches, ghosts, angels, demons, queens, princesses, fae, elves, gods and goddesses await!
Whether you seek microfiction, flash fiction or short stories this beautiful collection has it all.

The stunning quality paperback edition is available for purchase NOW! Until Amazon syncs up the listings, and they connect with the Universal Links, you can purchase from these major Amazon marketplaces: USA, UK, and CA. Or if you prefer you eReader, you can still Pre-Order! Official release for the eBook was originally February 11th, but has recently been brought forward to the 4th! I hope you all enjoy this labour of love as much as I have!


Thank you for reading! Please feel free to share my blog with your friends.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!

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