The Month of Love!

The ‘Month of Love’ has been pretty good to me! My first solo title released, a few anthology titles have popped up for Pre-Order, and I’ve had a few acceptances, including my first invite ever to a Limited Edition anthology! Keep reading on for full details, graphics & Cover Reveals!

Fair forewarning…this post is going to be littered with pretty graphics, because a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Let’s get on with the show!


My short story “The Fallen: Sloth of the Dragon” was accepted by Black Hare Press into the third installation of their ‘Seven Deadly Sins‘ series, “SLOTH“. For the first time across an anthology series I have serialised my stories to tell a broader story arc when read in order, but each tale stands alone, as well! I’ll be sharing Pre-Order details as they become available.
In the mean time…if you’re interested in starting this delectably sinful series, you can purchase volume 1 “PRIDE“, and volume 2 “LUST“, now!


Perhaps one of my most exciting acceptances to date, is that of my novelette “The Green Court” into a Limited Edition eBook only anthology called “Of Fables And Fae“, which is being compiled by Pauline Creeden. This anthology will be available for a limited time only, and features USA Today Best Selling authors!
The theme being, of course, fae! I’m really over the moon about this opportunity, and am thrilled to say it’s already available for Pre-Order, so be sure to pick up your copy for just 99c while you can!!!
Isn’t the cover to just die for? Official Release Date is set for July 1st, 2020!


And last (for now), but not least of my acceptances for February so far, was my little zombie drabble “The Pit“, for “100 Word Bigger Zombie Bites” by Reanimated Writers Press! This is the second volume in their drabble series, and I’m proud to say I feature in both. The Cover Reveal is coming soon, but for now, if you’d enjoy some bite sized horror, you can purchase volume 1, “100 Word Zombie Bites“! Pre-Order details for volume 2 to follow.


I have technically received advance acceptances for poetry for the whole ‘Zodiac‘ series by Aussie Speculative Fiction, but each star sign’s acceptances are announced intermittently as they get closer to Pre-Order. As there’s obviously going to be 12 in total, and so far the first 6 signs have had their Author Line-Ups announced, I’m going to save that for a whole separate blog, so keep an eye open for that soon!
In the mean time, you can purchase your copies of “Capricorn” and “Aquarius“, and Pre-Order “Pisces“!



There’s a few, hold tight and get ready for some amazing reads!

I’m really excited to announce my first dual anthology release…volumes 7 and 8 of Black Hare Press‘ ‘Dark Drabbles‘ Series “LOVE” and “HATE” are now both available for Pre-Order, and will share the same release date: March 17th, 2020!
I have continued my run of a Full House of 5 drabbles across the series to date. And these two are no exception…


LOVE” features my tiny stories: “The Succubus Queen“, “The Hunt“, “The Black Mass“, “Burn the World” and “Love Potion“.


HATE” features my tiny stories: “He Loves Me Not“, “A Soldier’s Revenge“, “Not Enough Coffee“, “Justice” and “Merciless“.

If you’re interested in playing catch up, and purchasing the whole ‘Dark Drabbles‘ series, you can swing by the Amazon Series Page to view, and purchase, the whole collection, volumes 1 – 6! Or if you want to grab yourself a bargain, you can purchase the Digital Box Set, which contains volumes 1 – 5!

Also up for Pre-Order is “Chrysalis“, a fairy tale transformations anthology by Fantasia Divinity Publishing! My short story “The Poisoned Fruit” features within, and is based upon the tale of Snow White & the Seven Dwarves! “Chrysalis” will be releasing on February 29th, 2020! Pre-Order your copy today!



Titles that have actually been released into the world this month. Let’s check them out!

My debut short story collection “Darkly Ever After“, published by Blood Song Books, released officially on February 4th! It’s so beautiful and I’m proud of the success and sales it’s achieved so far. I could waffle on about my book baby forever, but I think the graphic below says most of what needs to be said!
Available in both eBook and quality paperback, I’d absolutely love if you’d consider purchasing a copy of “Darkly Ever After” today!
If you’ve already purchased, thank you SO much. When you’ve read a few stories, or finished the collection, I’d be ever grateful if you’d consider leaving a star rating or a short review on Amazon!


Being the Month of Love, February of course brought on the romance, strong! And what better romance is there than “Bad Romance“!? My short story “Wolf Heart” features in this delightfully vicious and revenge filled anthology by Black Hare Press. Available in eBook, quality paperback and hardcover, you can purchase your copy today!


And last, but not least, my microfiction tale “Catering for the Hoard” was published in Eleanor Merry‘s “Dark Valentine” holiday flash fiction anthology! This little tale is longer than a drabble, but under a page long. Available in both eBook and paperback you can purchase now!



Thank you for reading! I hope you found some new and exciting tiles to add to your eReader or library shelf! Please feel free to share my blog with your friends.

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!

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