Lockdown Madness

I missed April’s monthly blog! (I haven’t missed a post in ages, so it’s irking my OCD! Argh.) The reason I missed it is because I’ve been incredibly busy! I feel like one of those late 80’s – early 90’s cartoons, where a character gets slapped or hit in the face with a baseball bat…and their head just spins around, and around. So you could certainly say I feel overwhelmed, and the toll on my mental health has been high…but I’ve achieved a lot!


I’ve had a plethora of drabbles, and a few flash fiction pieces, accepted into an amazing number of Black Hare Press anthologies, recently. This independent Australian publisher put out a call to writers to donate their time, and words, to a series of ebook/pocketbook anthologies for #Lockdown; so that folks stuck at home during the Covid-19 pandemic currently ravaging the world could have something to read, and entertain themselves with for FREE!

It was, and continues to be a beautiful gesture on their part, and a lot of authors have eagerly contributed their stories to this really lovely, and thoughtful project. There are a handful of genre lines to choose from, depending on your tastes: Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Phantom. (Phantom is more or less ghost stories, just in case that one isn’t as obvious as the others!)

Just check out these amazing covers. So far, I think I’m in them all…I’ve honestly lost count, and seriously need to update my Anthologies page! If you do click that link, you’ll find individual links to the first Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy volumes that have been released. They are FREE from selected eBook retailers, or you can show your support for Black Hare Press, and pick up a copy for just 99c from Amazon, as well as the stunningly adorable little pocketbook paperback editions! They would make brilliant collectors items!



The other cute little pocketbook featured here is Gregg Cunningham‘s novelette “WARDENCLYFFE“, and also published by Black Hare Press! Be sure to check it out, too!


I just wanted to share these photos I took so you can see how cute the pocketbook size is (4×6) compared to the more standard anthologies in the background (5×8).

And to wrap up things on the Black Hare Press front… I received an acceptance for my story, and accompanying prequel drabble, “WHORE“, last night! It’ll be featuring in their upcoming music themed anthology “BANNED“, which a horror/dark speculative fiction music themed compilation. We had to choose a real, existing song title for the name of our story and come up with a story that tied into the title in some meaningful way. My title comes from the song Whore (click to listen!) by one of my favourite female led heavy metal bands In This Moment!

BANNEDAuthPromo (11)

Before I go, I’ll just plug that the Pre-Order is open for “DEEP SEA” a Cosmic Horror anthology by Black Hare Press that features my epic tale “BLUE BLOOD“! Read the custom graphic below for a short blurb, and pre-order your copy today. It’ll hit your eReader on June 16th! Paperback will be available on Release Day.


And I think we’ll leave it at that, for now! My other writing achievements related to other presses will have to wait until next update. Thank you for reading! Please feel free to share my blog with your friends…

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!



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