Happy New Year!

I think if we’re being honest most of us are more than happy to see the end of 2020, am I right? It certainly wasn’t all bad, but it’s been tough for many, myself included. That being said, I achieved a great deal as an author, and am proud of my progress and accomplishments.

I wrote my first complete 50,000 word novel during NaNoWriMo! Starting out as a short story author, it was an amazing, and exhilarating experience. Being able to sit back and see that I’d written a complete story, start to finish, in 30 days was truly surreal. With two children, all my other writing commitments, family illness, and the general dramas of 2020? I am genuinely flabbergasted that I did it!

I also achieved my goal of featuring in over 100 anthologies, which was also a considerable milestone. I promised myself I was done with anthologies…but it’s a promise I can’t keep. The gorgeous Limited Edition anthologies, especially, are brilliant for compiling personal collections and growing my own universes in which my future works will be based. So you’ll definitely see a few more anthologies popping up in 2021!

To end 2020 with a proverbial ‘bang!‘ I launched the Pre-Order for “Sweet Dreams“, an eclectic horror collection. It’s a compilation of my bestselling reprints from a variety of publications, and will also feature brand new content, too! It will be available in paperback upon release, but you can PRE-ORDER THE EBOOK NOW!

Blurb: “Walk among the decaying undead, journey to the Bermuda Triangle, and experience the greatest Cthonic grudge match in history. While you’re at it, watch out for the haunted dolls, run for your life from the swarm, and beware the Gothic church that appears out of nowhere in the abandoned warehouse district of the French Quarter… Gods, demons, ghosts, monsters, and much more awaits you!
Sweet Dreams is an eclectic horror collection by Internationally Bestselling Author Zoey Xolton. It features a variety of re-prints from previous publications, as well as new tales! Sink your teeth in, drink your fill, and dream.”

Before you go off and have a brilliant 2021… don’t forget that the Limited Edition eBook only anthology “Winter Tails” awaits you, and releases at the end of January! Filled with winter themed shifter deliciousness, you’d be crazy not to grab a copy. It features my novelette “Blood & Betrayal“, which takes place in my “Nine Realms Saga” universe! PRE-ORDER THE EBOOK NOW!

And if you’re chasing a FREE festive read before the season is over, then you can’t go past the Limited Edition collection “Curse of Christmas“! This stunning anthology features my short story “Blood & Prophecy“, which also builds upon my “Nine Realms Saga” universe! ORDER FOR FREE NOW!

While you’re at it, perhaps consider sharing the holiday love, and purchasing “Mistletoes & Mayhem“, in which I feature, and whose proceeds go to the charity, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline! ORDER THE EBOOK NOW! Your donation could save a life.

Thank you so much for keeping up to date with my authorly adventures, and for subscribing to my blog. (If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?) If you purchase any of the books in which my stories feature, please take the moment to leave a review, and be sure to drop by my Reader Group: Zoey’s Zealots on Facebook for surprise Cover Reveals, ARC opportunities, and other exciting news!

May you feast upon the flesh of your enemies!

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