Charity Anthologies

Welcome! Here you’ll find a comprehensive listing of my currently published & upcoming published works of fiction that feature in Charity Anthologies. I have a combination of short fiction and poetry featured in these. Please see the individual listings for the charities that benefited from these labours of love.


Title: Mistletoes and Mayhem
My Story: Just Another Dead Dolly
Theme: Christmas Holidays
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Format: eBook
Publisher: Dragon Soul Press
Published: December 20th, 2020.
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Special Notice: All proceeds from the Mistletoes and Mayhem anthology will be donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
Blurb: “Get into the Christmas spirit with this charity anthology featuring eight authors and their holiday tales of family misfits. All proceeds go to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Every purchase helps save lives.”


Title: Burning Dreams
My Story: A Good Turn & Peril in the Outback
Theme: Fire, Survival & Rebirth
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Format: Trade Paperback & eBook
Publisher: Fantasia Divinity
Published: June 9th, 2020.
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Special Notice: Burning Dreams is an Australian bushfire relief anthology.
Blurb: “Fire devastates all it touches, but even in the midst of despair, hope can emerge from the ashes. In this anthology, 27 authors band together to bring you stories to benefit the recovery effort in Australia.”


Title: Jibbernocky
My Poem: Welcome to Underland
Theme: Dark Lewis Carroll Inspired Prose
Genre: Speculative Fiction & Poetry
Format: Trade Paperback & eBook
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Published: April 23rd, 2020.
Achievements: *Top 100 Best Seller* #3
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Special Notice: Jibbernocky is a charity anthology, whose proceeds are being donated to support childhood literacy via Books In Homes!
Blurb: “Monsters, snarks, Alice in Wonderland retellings, Jabberwocky-inspired poems, fairies, dancing elephants and talking mice…
Thrilling, creepy, funny, and spooky! Stories and poems inspired by the greatest children’s authors of our time. Perfect bedtime stories (to be read by torchlight from under your blanket) for young readers aged 8 to 12.” Visit the website!


Title: Stories of Hope
My Story: Queen of the Tides
Theme: Hope
Genre: Speculative Fiction
Format: eBook
Publisher: Deadset Press
Published: February 27th, 2020.
Achievements: *Top 100 Best Seller* #2
Availability: PURCHASE NOW!
Special Notice: Stories of Hope is an Australian bushfire relief anthology.
Blurb: “100,000 words of hope.
This year, many Australian communities have been affected by bushfires. People—and animals—have lost their lives and their homes. The Australian Speculative Fiction community asked the question, ‘What can we do to help?’
‘Stories of Hope’ was born from the smoke and ashes, an anthology of fantasy and science fiction tales based on the theme of ‘hope.’ All money raised from the sales of this book will be donated to WWF’s Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund and the Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery Fund.
This is no ordinary anthology, it’s a message of hope for the future.”


Title: Twenty Twenty
Series: BHP Writer’s Group Special Edition
My Story: Bloody Prohibition
Genre: Horror/Dark Speculative Fiction
Format: Trade Paperback, Hardcover & eBook
Publisher: Black Hare Press
Published: February 20th, 2020.
Achievements: *Top 100 Best Seller* #19
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Special Notice: Twenty Twenty is a charity anthology, whose proceeds are being donated to support the Australian wildlife affected by the recent catastrophic bushfires. The funds will be shared between WIRES – NSW (New South Wales) Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service and Zoos Victoria.
Blurb: “Celebrating 100 years since the Roaring Twenties, come with us on a look back at the jazz era. Historical stories with dark and terrible twists. Within these pages, find the speakeasy girl with two mouths, Mafia gangs with secrets more sinister than history suggests, bloodthirsty flappers, dark tales from the Depression, and many more.”


Title: Magic for Beginners
My Story: The Magic Within
Theme: Magical Stories for Kids
Genre: Speculative Fiction/Fantasy
Format: Trade Paperback & eBook
Publisher: Fantasia Divinity
Published: August 15th, 2019
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Special Notice: Magic For Beginners is a charity anthology, whose proceeds are being donated to support the young patients of St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital.
Blurb: “Amber is a social outcast and nerdy creative, and as a result,  often finds herself the victim of ruthless bullying in the schoolyard. However, the tides of fate shift when she finds the courage within to stand up for someone smaller than herself…”