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Here you’ll find my single author eBook only Short Stories. Otherwise known as Kindle Short Reads, these are short stories available exclusively on Amazon, and are digital only. They make for quick, satisfying reads on the go, and can be read on your eReader or phone! Browse my individual titles below, or navigate straight to the Amazon Series Page! Enjoy.


Title: The Magic Within
Series: Book #5 of the ‘Fast Fiction Collection’
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Sub-genres: Witchcraft & Magic
Format: eBook
Publisher: Blood Song Books
Published: April 30th, 2020
Achievements: *Top 100 Best Seller* #33
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Blurb: “When two or three are gathered in my name, I am with them…”

Amber is a social outcast—a nerd, a goth…and a witch. Singled out by the schoolyard jocks, she knows what it’s like to be taunted, made of a mockery of, and abused. On her own, she has always wished for a true friend, someone like her.
When a new student arrives at Willowcreek High, and becomes the jocks’ fresh target, she realises that the Dark Lord she whispers to each night may have finally answered her prayers…


Title: Golden Desires
Series: Book #4 of the ‘Fast Fiction Collection’
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Sub-genres: Demons & Devils
Format: eBook
Publisher: Blood Song Books
Published: March 6th, 2020
Achievements: *Top 100 Best Seller* #5
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Blurb: They say you should never make a deal with the Devil, and with good reason…

Lucifer, the Fallen angel, and reigning King of Hell, languishes in the Dark Court. He craves entertainment and a new challenge. Hell needs fresh souls, and he has his eye on a particularly promising morsel. Summoning his consort, and favourite succubus, Lilith, the pair visit the mortal realm, where they seize the opportunity to mix business with pleasure.
King Midas’ lust for gold knows no bounds, and Lucifer intends to offer him a deal he can’t possibly refuse…


Title: The Grey
Series: Book #3 of the ‘Fast Fiction Collection’
Genre: Science Fiction
Sub-genres: Military & First Contact
Format: eBook
Publisher: Blood Song Books
Published: January 27th, 2020
Achievements: *Top 100 Best Seller* #43
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Blurb: The Storm is coming…are you prepared for what lurks within Area 51?

When State Librarian Caroline Walters travels from her home town of Carson City to Rachel, Nevada, she doesn’t know what to expect. Social Media is on fire, and people from all over the United States have come to be a part of the civilian raid on the secret military facility Area 51.
The people want truth. They want answers.
What the people don’t expect…is a nightmare straight from the dark reaches of outer space.


Title: The Devil You Know
Series: Book #2 of the ‘Fast Fiction Collection’
Genre: Horror
Sub-genres: Supernatural & Occult
Format: eBook
Publisher: Blood Song Books
Published: January 13th, 2020
Achievements: *Top 100 Best Seller* #52
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Blurb: Dare you spend a night in the Walliston Mansion?

Looking for a cheap thrill three friends break into the old, supposedly haunted Walliston Mansion. It’s meant to be a fun night out…drinks, a few laughs, a spirit board…what could go wrong?
Before long Jacob’s running for his life. What really happened to Cathy and Jarrod? And who, or what hunts him through the decaying halls of the Walliston Mansion?


Title: Terra Nullis
Series: Book #1 of the ‘Fast Fiction Collection’
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Sub-genres: Sea Adventure
Format: eBook
Publisher: Blood Song Books
Published: January 3rd, 2020
Achievements: *Top 100 Best Seller* #19
Availability: PURCHASE NOW!
Blurb: Native mermaids, witch-men, ancient protective spirits, and gods…welcome to the real Australia!

Documented history would have you believe that it was Captain James Cook who discovered Australia, when he landed at Botany Bay, in 1770…but as they say, history is written by the victors.
Before Australia was claimed by the British it was in fact found by Portuguese explorer, Captain Christopher de Mendonça in the 1500’s.
Unfortunately for them, maritime history has forgotten their ill-fated voyage.
The ancient spirits and natives of ‘Terra Nullis’ have no interest in abiding foreign invaders; and Mendonça and his crew will pay the ultimate price when they come face-to-face with the protectors of this strange, and remote land.