“Dead of Winter” eBook Pre-Orders

It’s that time! And I’m terribly excited! You can now *Pre-Order* Mighty Quill Books brand spanking new anthology Dead of Winter in eBook format! My beautifully crafted dark faerytale “Only in Death” has the honour of featuring in this exclusive and delicious collection of 10 hand-picked must-read stories that will whet your appetite with all kinds of darkness and leave you begging for more! Continue reading ““Dead of Winter” eBook Pre-Orders”

New Moon Rising

A dastardly dark welcome to 2017! This year is proving, miraculously, to be an improvement on the past two; which I am immensely grateful for. The heartache, the fear and the pain have taken a back seat… and instead? Rage, determination and a fierce desire for vindication has taken hold! This year, I am made new. This year, I am reborn, a phoenix rising from the ashes of the old. Wreathed in flame, I am a creature to BE feared. Continue reading “New Moon Rising”

I See Hell In Your Eyes

November has rolled around…which means it’s time for National Novel Writing Month, once more! I decided to participate this year, even though I’m stretched quite thin at present, as far as commitments go! The craft of Writing and the telling of stories is something I’m exceptionally passionate about. It’s pivotal to the creature that I am. Seeing my works published and shared with the world, has been a personal dream of mine now, for a long time. And so I push myself! Continue reading “I See Hell In Your Eyes”