Organised Chaos

I’m a strange creature. I usually thrive off of what I like to refer to as Organised Chaos. A system of insanity that only I can make sense of. But then there are other days when I am a stickler for clarity and perfection. Everything must be just ‘so’, and everything must have it’s place. Due to the dichotomy, I’ve found at long last, to achieve my maximum potential as a writer, and maintain what little over-rated sanity I can still lay claim to… it’s time to start the To-Do List phase of my life! Continue reading “Organised Chaos”

I See Hell In Your Eyes

November has rolled around…which means it’s time for National Novel Writing Month, once more! I decided to participate this year, even though I’m stretched quite thin at present, as far as commitments go! The craft of Writing and the telling of stories is something I’m exceptionally passionate about. It’s pivotal to the creature that I am. Seeing my works published and shared with the world, has been a personal dream of mine now, for a long time. And so I push myself! Continue reading “I See Hell In Your Eyes”