New Pre-Order: Desired by the Damned

To say I’m obsessed with monster romance would be a heinous understatement. For me, monster romance blends all of my favourite things in life: romance, horror, and magic! To that end, what could be better than a beautiful and steamy collection of short monster romance stories? Without further ado… I’d love to announce Desired by the Damned!

Fear not the dark, nor the monsters that dwell there…for they yearn for love too.
DESIRED BY THE DAMNED is a delicious collection of short, dark, and steamy romance stories featuring all manner of jaded and damned alpha monsters that lurk in the shadows, and the strong, beautiful women who dare to tame them…or be claimed by them!
An exciting and much anticipated collection from USA Today Bestselling Author, Faedra Rose.

This collection will be available in both eBook and glossy paperback, and will feature a handful of stories you can easily read over coffee or before bedtime! Featuring an array of deliciously grotesque and dominant monsters… you don’t want to miss this one!

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