Release Day: Blood of Midgard eBook


My debut title “Blood of Midgard” is now LIVE, and you can pick up your own eBook copy today, for just $2.99!

Get swept up into a world of Norse dark fantasy…where the Courts of Alfheim exist in constant opposition, and the balance between light and dark is forever precarious. Join devastatingly roguish elven princes who shift, beautiful half-blood princesses who brave treachery and dark magic, ancient noble vampires with tragic histories, and witches and sirens who are outcasts even among their own kinds.

Blood of Midgard” is a collection of short stories and novelettes featuring cross-over characters, and events, that interlink within the “Nine Realms Saga” universe.

If you’re on the hunt for danger, romance, magic, and some Happily Ever Afters with a dark twist…then ORDER, NOW!

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Shifter Mania Unleashed!

featured graphic editedIn case you hadn’t heard… Midsummer Night Shifts, a Limited Edition (eBook only) Summer Shifter Romance Collection, has released! This stunning anthology features my novelette “Blood & Memory“, which is a part of my The Nine Realms Saga world. If you love traditional gothic vampires, and paranormal romances set against a Victorian styled setting, then you’ll love my contribution to this exciting publication. I’d be over the moon if you’d consider ordering a copy!

Read the blurb to “Blood & Memory“, below:

Saved from True Death by the ancient and enigmatic vampyre, Prince Anton Drăculea, ever youthful Natália spends her days keeping house, educating herself, and caring for her father; and her nights cleaning mortal vermin from the streets of Ungaria.
The Watchman’s daughter has always wondered why the famed prince, with his blood ties to the Dökkálfar of Álfheim, chose to save her those seventeen years ago… A seemingly chance meeting with a vampyre lord, and an invitation to the prince’s Black Masquerade Ball may just lead to the answers her heart has been seeking.

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I hope the story excites you as much as it does me! So far the collection as a whole, and “Blood & Memory” have received some fantastic reviews on Amazon:

“An anthology packed with quality. I have to start by pointing out the tremendous value for money this anthology is. Its pages hold multiple novelettes of outstanding quality, and readers will find at least one story they’ll love and more than likely more.
I can honestly say I enjoyed every tale in Midsummer Night Shifts, though the stand outs were the stories from Zoey Xolton and Stacey Jaine McIntosh – thrilling, creative and written to an exacting standard.”
– David Green

“A moving work, all the tales are told with beautiful darkness mixed with romance. Every single tale told of romance in a way that presented darkness with such flowing eloquence, making for a write which gave the reader a very different perspective on the subjects within the pages.
Zoey Xolton’s ‘Blood and Memory’ has the elements of classic literature sounding like the likes of Charlotte Bronte, Mary Shelly and many others all mixed together with a different element which I cannot quite place.
All in all, a wonderfully written book, which was a sheer joy to read.”
– Stuart James Crossley

“A great collection of fantastic fiction. There is something for everyone.
Stand out for me was ‘Blood and Memory’ by Zoey Xolton. A rich world is the backdrop of story of soulmates and forever love. Beautiful!”
– Rainbow Abi

Purchase your copy of “Midsummer Night Shifts” NOW!


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Midnight Masquerade: Cover Reveal & Pre-Order!


Just over a fortnight has passed since my most recent short story Acceptance and the Midnight Masquerade anthology is already up for Pre-Order! Fantasia Divinity is absolutely killing it. In fact, last night was a double reveal event! They also opened another anthology, called Out Of Your Shadow, which has an empowered side-kicks theme for Pre-Order. Both anthologies are gorgeous! Read more to see for yourself! Continue reading “Midnight Masquerade: Cover Reveal & Pre-Order!”