New Release: A Song of Wings and Witchery

You can never have enough magic in your life, in your eReader, or on your bookshelf! So, I’m excited to share with you one of my most recent new releases… a big, thick, beauty which is available in both eBook and stunning glossy paperback! My short and steamy m/m paranormal romance Water & Wings features in A Song of Wings and Witchery!

A Song of Wings and Witchery brings together tantalizing tales of paranormal romance in this epic collection of enthralling books penned by bestselling and award-winning authors.

A common water witch, Caspian is no one in his village by the sea. But when he is kidnapped and taken to the desert lands he is suddenly a very precious commodity. With no one to protect him, Caspian fears he will endure in fealty and solitude.
But fate won’t allow Caspian to suffer without a mate…
As the last living royal of an ancient Faery lineage, Darius commands a remote outpost in the Golden Wastes, providing a safe haven for any who survive in the harsh landscape. Having forsaken all hope of love long ago, will the arrival of a rare water witch force him to open his heart once more?

This gorgeous book is book 3 of a stunning Limited Edition series from Iron Faerie Publishing which focuses on witches and a variety of exciting and different paranormal and fantasy paramours! I have a short and steamy m/m paranormal romance in each one! So be sure to check our the whole series.

Fire & Fangs features in A Dance of Blood and Magic (witches & vampires!)
Magic & Moonlight in A Dream of Beasts and Sorcery (witches & shifters!)
Water & Wings in A Song of Wings and Witchery (witches & faeries!)

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Until next time!

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