New Release: Sinister Desires

Words can’t really express just how much my debut release with Evernight Publishing means to me. They have been one of the traditional publishers on my wish list for some time; and my official debut with them being a Halloween monster romance title? It really is a dream come true! With all that said, let’s get onto the good stuff. Allow me to introduce to you… Sinister Desires!

Sinister Desires is the first book of Loving Monsters, an all-year-round Halloween series. Each title will feature a new heroine and a deliciously dark and terrifying monster! Every title is a super steamy, trope heavy, insta-love hour-long read (for those who live the spooky life) with a guaranteed Happily Ever After! The entire series is a part of Evernight Publishing‘s Romance on the Go line, and is available from all major eRetailers.

It’s All Hallows’ Eve and Charleigh Llewellyn has just been dumped like a piece of trash after giving her ex-boyfriend a second chance over the holidays. Forced to walk home to her parents—through the woods—she is accosted by a pack of ravenous wolves.
But there are worse things than wolves lurking in the woods, and soon Charleigh finds herself indebted to a living, breathing monster. Following her most sinister desires, Charleigh feels compelled to repay the creature—soon learning the truth about his curse and much, much more…

“This is a dark and sexy story. Definitely worth a read!”
“This was a WILD ride through the pumpkin patch. I am so freaking glad my girlfriend suggested it. It was weirdly sexy!”
“It’s a very different and imaginative love story. I was caught up in the story from the first page to the last. It’s sexy and delightfully written. I really liked that the character was based on Jack, the first man to be turned into a jack-o-lantern centuries ago. It’s an ideal seasonal read as we approach Halloween! I really enjoyed it and will look for more from Faedra Rose!”
“Faedra had me instantly engaged and hooked with this story. It’s a wild, erotic ride I thoroughly enjoyed! Anxious to see where her imagination takes me next.”
“Saying it’s a wild ride feels inadequate. She captures the personalities of the characters perfectly! There are no Mary Janes here. The author has created a world so real that I could envision it happening like a movie and don’t get me started on the sex.  I highly recommend this story to anyone who love a super naughty, spooky Halloween story!”
“Wow this was something very different and great for this upcoming Halloween to read and enjoy. Honestly, it was a delicious short read.”

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