New Release: Deathly Desires

I have loved monster romance ever since I was little. Seriously, Beauty & the Beast, anyone? No one really wanted the prince to return to human form, right? So, it’s no wonder I ended up penning tales in the genre. I’m super excited to announce that today is Release Day for my newest title in my Loving Monsters series: Deathly Desires! Sexy times with the Grim Reaper, anyone?


It’s All Hallows’ Eve and Renae Saltzman has had enough. After a lifetime of physical and sexual abuse, she’s ready to be free of the mortal coil—choosing to end her life on her favorite holiday. All she wants is to be free of the pain, her abusers, and her useless mother.
Just as she tastes peace on the tip of her tongue, a skull-faced entity accosts her, dragging her soul from the depths. Awakening on the other side of death, Renae finds herself face to face with none other than the Grim Reaper. Renae just wants to move on, but the reaper has other ideas…



“Faedra brings the heat again in this wickedly dark erotic tale. Though considered ‘triggers’ for most, addressing suicide and abuse is part of life. That’s what makes MC Renae immediately relatable. The hot as sin sex is unparalleled. Plus, Renae’s ascension makes for an even better time. And with a dash of revenge? EPIC! For such a short read, it gives the full satisfaction that most monster novels are severely lacking. Highly recommend!”

“Fast paced and to the point… LOTS of monster sex. It definitely kept my attention. I enjoyed this book. It was a short read full of spice “

“The spicy scenes were very enjoyable and creative. I would recommend this book to those who like paranormal things and a very spicy read!”

“This is the 2nd book of Loving Monsters series, and it can be read as stand alone. This was my first in this series and this book is GOOD. I can’t stop laughing: chocolate-flavoured cum! The sex scenes were hot. I really enjoyed the themes.”


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