New Pre-Order: Winged Hearts

With Summer over and Autumn just begun in my part of the world, I have some exciting news to share… We’re diving back into the realm of the magical and unknown, with Book 5 of my Hearts of Avalar series. This instalment features a gorgeous pair: a particularly sexy alpha owl shifter, and a beautiful and brave Air witch! Find out how these two lovers from opposing factions find their Happily Ever After in… Winged Hearts!

Ephaney Stormsinger, daughter of the Lord and Lady of The Stormsong Isles, prepares for her Final Trial—the test that will see her live to become a true, graduated coven member, or dead and dashed upon the mountainside. Falling from the platform atop Storm’s Peak, she prays to the Goddess for Fate to intervene.
Sensing the undeniable pull of the Fated mate bond, the great owl shifter Reuben Skywing rescues the Air witch from her fall … breaking the unspoken law that forbids the shifters from interfering in the affairs of the witches.


Though this gorgeous novella happens to be book 5 of a series, it can be read as a stand alone, and reads as a satisfying, complete story. However, there is an over-arching world plot in the realm of Avalar, so if you’re interested in full immersion, you can pick up books onetwo, three, and four, also!

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