New Pre-Order: Infernal Desires

This book owns my soul. How’s THAT for an intro? This title honestly needs no preamble! Book 3 of my Loving Monsters series from Evernight Publishing is now LIVE for pre-order, and it’s going to have you sculling ice-water to put out the fire the Devil is going to ignite within you! Join Willow and Lucifer Morningstar for the most debaucherous instalment of the series, yet… Infernal Desires!!!

It’s All Hallows’ Eve and Willow Wildes is about to make a deal with the Devil. Observing the time-honored tradition of offering herself in exchange for power, the Wildes witches owe the Devil for their very lives. But when it’s Willow’s turn to strike her bargain, things turn out a little differently for her…
As the only woman since Lilith to appreciate the Devil in his dark form, the Devil is enamored by the young red-headed witch, and suddenly the Fallen angel yearns to offer her more than any other witch since her ancestor first called upon him in Salem.


Loving Monsters is a series of short, extremely dark and spicy modern day monster romances based in the United States of America, and features a different monster paramour in each title looking to find his Happily Ever After with a human woman on Halloween! Each book stands alone, but the lore of the series is a thread that weaves through out. Be sure to check out the first two books in the series: Sinister Desires and Deathly Desires!


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