New Pre-Order: Raven’s Solstice

I have loved the tales of Faery quite literally my whole life. And I’m not talking about the sweet little pixie types… I love the original faery tales. The ones where the fae are as benevolent as they are malicious. Where the Courts are eternally at war, and hapless mortals fall prey to the deadly allure of the ethereal fae. So it should come as no surprise that my winter holiday release with Evernight Publishing is one such tale. Introducing… Raven’s Solstice!

The Winter Court is a festive winter holiday Christmas series. Each title features a new heroine and a dangerously beautiful and alluring fae! Every book is a super steamy quick read with a guaranteed Happily Ever After, and is a part of Evernight Publishing‘s Romance on the Go line.

Ignoring the warnings of her village elders, Raven McArren ventures beyond the Veil on All Hallows’ Eve, becoming trapped in Faery. Cold and alone, Raven manages to survive the harsh eternal winter and the cruelty of the fae with no more than her wits and will to live.
But she’s not alone. She’s being watched by the winter prince, and he has an offer for her that she can’t refuse. In exchange for his protection, and safe passage out of Faery, she must give him an heir.
With no other choice, she accepts. Little does she know that the prince’s bed chamber and the politics of the Winter Court might prove just as dangerous as the wilds of Faery…

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