2022 Wrap Up: Evernight Publishing

I might have mentioned before, but as an author looking to be traditionally published, Evernight Publishing was high on my list of potential publishers I dreamed of working with. And as fate and hard work would have it, my dream came true, and I am now a full-time author for this amazing publisher. So, to wrap up 2022, I’d love to offer you all a quick run down of my currently available releases with them for this year!

You’ll find all four of my Evernight Publishing titles detailed below! Enjoy.

SINISTER DESIRES is book 1 of my Loving Monsters series.
It’s All Hallows’ Eve and Charleigh Llewellyn has just been dumped like a piece of trash after giving her ex-boyfriend a second chance over the holidays. Forced to walk home to her parents—through the woods—she is accosted by a pack of ravenous wolves.
But there are worse things than wolves lurking in the woods, and soon Charleigh finds herself indebted to a living, breathing monster. Following her most sinister desires, Charleigh feels compelled to repay the creature—soon learning the truth about his curse and much, much more…


ALPHA MALE is a stunning heterosexual romance anthology which features Book 1 of my novella series, Hearts of Avalar, called WILD HEARTS! It’s the story of Asha & Erik…
Asha Ravensong is a Chaos witch condemned to the Rosewood Valley Asylum for Wayward Witches. Her only crime? Being born to the element of Chaos.
Erik Bearson is a bear shifter, and the Alpha of his clan, living in their mountainside stronghold, overlooking the Rosewood Valley. When Erik scents his Fated mate, he investigates, only to discover that his destined mate is a shunned Chaos witch. Shocked that Fate would pair him with such a witch, he is nonetheless determined to free the woman who is to be his. 


ALPHA MALE: MANLOVE EDITION is a stunning gay romance anthology which features Book 2 of my novella series, Hearts of Avalar, called CARNAL HEARTS! It’s the story of Connor & Roran…
Escaping from a coven of Fire witches with a sacred Talisman, Roran Wolfstorm, Alpha of the White Cliffs Wolf Pack, is injured, but makes it through the mists that divide Avalar from the mortal world. There he meets his Fated mate in local mortal ranger, Connor Greenman.
Entrusting the Talisman to Connor, a series of traumatic events unfold. The town of Riverbend is painfully religious, and refuse to suffer a gay man… but Riverbend will soon learn there are consequences for harming an Alpha’s Fated mate.


RAVEN’S SOLSTICE is book 1 of The Winter Court series.
Ignoring the warnings of her village elders, Raven McArren ventures beyond the Veil on All Hallows’ Eve, becoming trapped in Faery. Cold and alone, Raven manages to survive the harsh eternal winter and the cruelty of the fae with no more than her wits and will to live.
But she’s not alone. She’s being watched by the winter prince, and he has an offer for her that she can’t refuse. In exchange for his protection, and safe passage out of Faery, she must give him an heir.
With no other choice, she accepts. Little does she know that the prince’s bed chamber and the politics of the Winter Court might prove just as dangerous as the wilds of Faery…


I have had three more Hearts of Avalar novellas accepted, as well as three Loving Monsters novelettes, all of which will be releasing in 2023! Not to mention an exciting and epic fantasy romance primed for Valentine’s Day, which is will be the first book in a brand new series called Soul Mates!

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Until next time!

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